1. Bob Harris Introduction 
  2. You’re Not Alone
  3. Me and Bobby McGee
  4. Love Finds the Young and Old
  5. Feels Like I’m Falling 
  6. Doctors Don’t Dance 
  7. Mind How You Go
  8. The Living Tree 
  9. Life On Mars
  10. Don’t Trudge Mud in the House of Love
  11. April Rain
  12. I Got a Calling 
  13. Tiger Bay 
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Long Live LIVE!

"Hello everybody, it’s Bob Harris here to introduce this wonderful band to you…

I am such a massive fan of Nikki and Been – I first start playing them on the radio Mid Nineties at GLR, (Greater London Radio) we became firm friends then and I was absolutely struck by their brilliant musicianship, their passion, their commitment, they really really mean it…I know you’re going to have wonderful time enjoying their music in this fantastic venue, I love The Stables… I hope you’re gonna have a great great night, just lots of love to everybody… and Ladies and Gentlemen...this is Never The Bride”  

Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2