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Photo by Ken Jackson

Photo by Ken Jackson

Hello Friends, Fans and Family, welcome to our rainy April newsletter,

Without further ado ! 


Thursday 19th April 2018:

On Thursday 19th April we’ll be playing at The Whitty Theatre, Wokinghamraising funds for Headway Thames Valley - The Brain Injury Association.

This Show will ROCK !!! There are three acts giving superb performances, Starting at 7.30pm - 10.30pm - There are still tickets availabe  so grab em NOW while you can, we’re pulling all the stops out! 


The Story

Four Years ago Faye Hetherington, daughter of our very good friend and purveyor of great music Stan Hetherington, was out running. She fell, hit her head, badly damaged her brain and was off work for over 2 years, Stan and his wife finally managed to get her back to full time work last September but she still suffers from the occasional relapse.

As you can imagine Faye and her family are very grateful to everyone at Headway for what their care and dedication and Faye decided that as soon as she was able, she would get back into running. 

She also wanted to raise desperately needed funds for Headway so she decided that running The London Marathon would be a good idea. So far Faye has raised just over £2,600 on this platform. It would be great to get over £3,000 and with a successful concert, and we will do that! Faye’s fundraising page is  - Even if you can’t make the concert, you might consider donating to this very worthy fundraising page by clicking the link. 

If you can make the gig, we say once again - YOU CAN HELP THIS WONDERFUL CHARITY - LETS SELL IT OUT! - CLICK HERE

Nikki introduces our new fiddler, Juliette Primrose - Photo by Ken Jackson

Nikki introduces our new fiddler, Juliette Primrose - Photo by Ken Jackson


Saturday 28th April 2018:

On Saturday 28th April NTB return to The Pheasantry after a string of sold out shows! This will be our first Pheasantry show of 2018, we have a very a special evening in store for you.

We are proud to announce, special guest, Ada Morghe. Along with her band of incredible musicians, Ada be performing some songs from her forthcoming Album “Pictures” out soon on Sony Records…. Ada is also known in Germany as actress Alexandra Helmig

*NB - We will be starting the show at 8pm this evening in order to fit all of tonight's fabulousness in…expect something very special!
Once again always another sell out show so don’t be disappointed, if you want to be with us best to book now...


Maxime rocking it - Photo by Ken Jackson

Maxime rocking it - Photo by Ken Jackson


Lovely interview here - Nikki and Steven Smith in the April Edition of On-Line Magazine - MilliOnAir.

Check out our 'Nikki News' page on the NTB website for more!




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Accolade for Long Live LIVE!

Our new album is almost out and our last album just discovered ! If you’re in the Netherlands keep an eye out - Looks like we’ll be coming your way soon ! 


Street Team

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Guest Georgia Van Etten entertains - Photo by Ken Jackson

Guest Georgia Van Etten entertains - Photo by Ken Jackson

Picture Credit pictures this mail out by Ken Jackson - Taken last gig at The Bull's Head Barnes - See Ken’s review, plus photos HERE

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