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Nikki is counting us down to 2019 - it's going to be a great one for all of us we're sure.. we’re so excited and we just can’t hide it!! ...we now have a release date for our single and new studio album! 

Read all below - First, gig news.

We've been selling out a lot lately lately and that's great new for us but not for you if you missed out - our next gig is up at The Ram Jam, 29th December - also sold out so if we don't see you there we absolutely need to see you at our first gig of 2019 - our London residency at The Bull's Head, Barnes. Always the unexpected! Tickets Here   

We played a little concert for Crisis, the homeless shelter in London on Christmas Eve, a real eye opener.  The people there certainly do need the help charities like Crisis can give them so if you have something to spare, they always appreciate donations, however small..



Our first promo song from the album will be released Friday 15th February - the day after Valentine's and it's a rocking love song - ‘Love Finds the Young and Old’  You haven't heard anything like this live - our studio version is colossal. This will be available as a download bringing attention to the album - Title  'For Better For Worse'.  

For Better For Worse is our first studio album since 2015 and will arrive on Friday 8th March 2019, It will be available from all the usual sites and shops. Available in CD and Vinyl -  in fact Double Vinyl!
January 2019 sees the launch of our new look website where you can pre-order your copy of ‘For Better for Worse’ from 18th February - a link will come in our January Newsletter.

We’re pressing 500 'limited edition only' vinyl albums as well as CD, when the Vinyl's gone it's gone!

We’ll be doing an Album launch concert on Saturday 9th March at Pizza Express LIVE in Holborn to celebrate the release - limited tickets available here.  

As we mentioned earlier, the website is having a face lift (Wish we were! Haaaa haaaaaa)… Lookout for shiny new images and music, unseen archives of NTB past, and a new shop with exciting new NTB Booty.

So we can you to keep you up to date with everything, we’ll add you to our new website list - if you’d rather not be added, please reply NO to this email - we’ll get the message!

Remember, first gig of 2019 - Bull's Head, SW13 - don't miss out this time - tickets HERE

Much more exciting news to follow in January.

We're wishing you all a Great Great New Year - here's to all of us - into 2019... United we stand for the love of live music...🎵🎹🎵

Photos by John Bull at The Stables Theatre Milton Keynes

Photos by John Bull at The Stables Theatre Milton Keynes

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